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Suspen 5 Review: Side Effects, Results, Scam

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Suspen 5 ReviewSuspen 5

Suspen 5, currently marketed as the best male enhancement pills in the market today, we know one thing for sure; some of you are asking  this crucial questions. Does it really work or just some super hyped pills which doesn’t help at all?

Well, we know everything about this product and we are going to dig deeper and let you know what this formula is all about. However, we can confirm to you, at the end, we know most of you are going to be really disappointed.

Company behind

This formula is a brainchild of an online based company.  They currently have their presence online. We don’t know where they are physically based and as a customers that should be of great concern to you.

Suspen 5 claims
  • Bigger and much stringer erections
  • Increased stamina and libido
  • A soar in your sex drive
  • More staying power in bed
  • You get you confidence back


As per the manufacturer, this formula is naturally formulated and users are told to expect t net from ingredients from it; Boron, L-arginine, Saw Palmetto and Wax Leaf extract. Again we are not sure if all these claims are entirely true or these ingredients were just mentioned to lure you into buying this pill.

How does Suspen 5 work?

One of the reasons you are performing poorly in bed is simply because of diminishing levels of testosterone in the body. What this product does is it tries to address that problem. It boosts naturally production of testosterone in the body. This formula is also said to incraese the amount of energy produced in the body.

Suspen 5 Pros

  • Comes packed with natural ingredients
  • Ancient plants and herbs have been included

Suspen 5 Cons

  • Cannot be them with other medication
  • Will be forced to stop its use should you experience any irritation
  • Some claims seems very exaggerated
  • Doesn’t treat and underlying ailment

Suspen 5 Results

Truth be told; Suspen 5 is not some sort of magical male enhancers that could see your game in the bedroom soar through the roof. Contrary to what we have been told; this product will not in any way allow you perform better for it doesn’t work properly as promised.

Where to buy Suspen 5?

If you are wondering where you can buy this pill, it is currently sold online; and that is only on the product’s official website.

Is Suspen 5 a scam?

This product is a total scam and we always advise people to keep off this pill if they don’t want any problem. We don’t know the people behind it. Second, it has not gone through the required approval tests by reputable organizations like the FDA.

Suspen 5 Side effects

This pill is not one of the safest you could get today. Although we have been told it is naturally formulated, we suspect it comes with harmful chemical and additives which could have you suffering a number of side effects. Sadly, this is one thing the manufacturer doesn’t want you to know about.


At the end, it just doesn’t matter what you need, this male enhancer is as useless as it could be. Most people who have tried it before are really disappointed.

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